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Welcome to Off-license One Stop Food & Wine, your late-night convenience shop and local convenience store in London. Since 1995, we've proudly served as a well-known corner shop that stands apart from any other off-license shop. Our store offers a diverse selection, including wine, beer, IQOS products, Terea and Heets tobacco sticks, e-cigarettes, disposable cigarettes, and a range of alcohol items – all designed to cater to your needs.

In addition to our product variety, we provide essential services like bus passes, oyster cards, cigarettes, tobacco, vape products, e-liquids, mobile accessories, and toiletries. Over the years, our commitment to quality service has brought us countless delighted customers.

So why wait? Step into our shop for a truly unique shopping experience. We're your go-to destination for all your convenience store needs. Don't hesitate any longer – visit us today for a shopping experience like no other.


Explore a wide selection of cigarettes, wines, sweets, beers, IQOS products, e-cigarettes, alcohol items, essential services, and more at Off-licence One Stop Food & Wine.

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Cigarettes & Tobacco

At Off-license One Stop Food & Wine, our store offers a range of cigarettes and tobacco products, offering various preferences and brands. Our selection includes cigarettes, tobacco pouches, rolling papers, and related accessories, available for purchase exclusively at our physical store.

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Vape Products & E-Liquids

Discover our vape devices and e-liquids in-store. We offer various flavors and accessories suitable for different preferences. These items are exclusively available for purchase at our physical store location, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your vaping needs.

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Discover our selection of e-cigarettes, from starter kits to different e-liquid flavors and disposable cigarettes. Perfect for those looking for an alternative to traditional smoking, available exclusively in-store for purchase.

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Explore our delightful wine selection, offering a wide range of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Discover exceptional blends from renowned vineyards worldwide, exclusively available in-store for you to enjoy.

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IQOS Products

Discover the latest tobacco alternatives with our range of IQOS products. Whether it's the IQOS device, Terea, or Heets tobacco sticks, explore a smoke-free, innovative way to enjoy tobacco with reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, exclusively available for purchase at our store.

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American Sweets, Drinks & Confectionery

Explore a tempting range of American sweets, drinks, and confectionery, from classics to unique treats like chocolates, candies, and gummies. Find the perfect delight for your taste buds, exclusively available for purchase at our store.

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Explore n assorted range of beers that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From craft brews to popular favorites like lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, and more. Find your perfect brew, available exclusively in-store.

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Alcohol Items

Explore our Alcohol Convenience Store with a wide range of spirits and liquors, including vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, tequila, and premium spirits. Available exclusively in-store for you to discover and enjoy.

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Bus Passes & Oyster Cards

Enhancing convenience, our store offers essential services like bus passes and Oyster cards for easy access to London's transportation network. Available for purchase exclusively in-store, ensuring your travel needs are met conveniently.

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Mobile Accessories & Toiletries

Explore our range of mobile accessories and toiletries, essential for your everyday needs, available exclusively in-store. Find convenience and essential items all conveniently located in one place.



Enjoy added convenience with a range of services including bill payments, mobile phone top-ups, purchasing prepaid energy, and making various other payments through PayPoint at our convenience store.


Visit Us Today! Explore our store for an unmatched convenience experience. Discover quality products, essential services, and delightful offerings at Off-licence One Stop Food & Wine.

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